Is your logistics partner proactive?

You deserve better. Mobix gets it done before being asked. We've delivered products on time for 20 years.

We're ready for you.

We handle your products, proactively.

Whether it's storing, fulfilling, or shipping your products, Mobix has you covered.

How We're Proactive


We've learned a lot in 20 years - like how to run a wickedly efficient warehouse. Mobix passes those savings on to you.


Mobix gets great deals. Our shipping rates are significantly lower because of the volume we handle. In short, your rates go down with Mobix.


Our warehouses are operated by us. No third-party shenanigans. Operations are streamlined and time is saved. Guess who benefits?

Stuff We Do Well


Mobix has 6 million sq. ft. of space across 7 locations. That’s over 100 football fields. The real kicker? We charge ‘per cubic foot’ for storage, not ‘per pallet,’ saving you thousands.

Kitting/Special Projects

Need to customize orders? Mobix prepares and packages your products to guarantee a next-level unboxing experience.


When ship happens, we handle it. For over 20 years, Mobix has shipped millions of orders nationwide. Whether it's LTL, FTL, D2C, or other confusing acronyms, leave it to us.

Ecommerce Fulfilment

Some fulfillment centers are sloooow. Mobix processes shipments quickly. We fulfill 10,000 orders a day from Shopify, Amazon, and other e-commerce platforms. With Mobix, your customers get their products on time.

Wholesale Fulfilment

Our clients call us perfectionists. For every wholesale order, Mobix obsesses over accuracy. Costly delays and chargebacks are not an option. We do what it takes to keep you in good standing with your retailers.

"When Mobix guarantees
something will happen, it happens."

Promptly Journals

"The people at Mobix are great. And their pricing is fantastic. You can't beat it."

Pillow Cube

"The most valuable part of working with Mobix is how personal the relationships are."


We're ready for you.

Proactive Means Transparent.

Why do you have to fill out a form just to see pricing? Not at Mobix. We've built a calculator so you know what it would cost, right away.

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Rest assured, Mobix can handle your growth.


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Frazeysburg, OH

Laurens, SC

We're ready for you.

Some Retailers We Ship To

It Started With Bedsheets

In 2003, Mobix founders shipped our first product: Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets. Since then, Mobix has fulfilled millions of orders for clients nationwide. That’s 20 years of logistics experience getting products where they need to be.
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We're ready for you.